The story of Paradigm has started back in 1998 when the current Chairman- a sophomore student of architecture department, started this venture with a PC in the student’s hall of BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology). A year later, the next member of Paradigm team joined him, a year junior of the same department. From there, the two men army, it was a remarkable journey altogether, today being a multi cultural diverse office, more than 100 people strong!

Initially Paradigm focused on the field of graphic design, partly driven out of deep passion to this form of art, partly due to the disappointing, clumsy and unsophisticated graphic design works in the market in the 1990s. The seed was planted in CEO A N M Khairul Anwar’s mind to create a new breed of design house and in 1998, Paradigm Designers’ Den came to life. Soon, the works published from this house set a new standard in the market, particularly in the budding real estate sector. Paradigm, beings its entrepreneurs from Architecture background, soon filled up the vacuum of a perfect combination of understanding the technicalities of presenting architectural plans, with the new graphic language- which traditional graphic design guru’s were unaware of.

What began as a boutique design shop has now matured into a highly respected firm in the various sectors with offices in Bangladesh, China, Singapore and Australia. More than a decade later, we’re still growing, learning and evolving our creative attitudes, strategic approaches and material expertise to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of our clients and the evolving landscape of the industry. We understand that success for our clients – and our organization – can only occur by marrying creativity, work process, insight and strategy. This forward thinking mindset and entrepreneurial style is a big reason why we’ve been chosen to work with the reputed international oil & Gas giants like Chevron, Cairn, or global mobile leader Nokia or telcos like Banglalink, Aktel.


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